The future market prospect of milling machine is broad and good

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At present, the domestic milling machine equipment market is in a state of insufficient competition. Driven by the huge market demand of welding and cutting equipment industry and less investment in fixed assets, there are many domestic welding and cutting equipment manufacturing enterprises, but there are few enterprises with independent innovation ability, mastering core technology and forming large-scale production. Most of the manufacturers in the industry are small in scale, lack of independent innovation and immature overall technology. They mainly rely on copying one or two product models from other leading enterprises in the industry. The product varieties are single and the quality is unstable. The sales are limited to some regional markets, and the brand awareness is low. Due to the lack of scale production, the production cost is high and the reliability is poor.

At present, the carbon steel welding rod, copper plating welding filler and flux, which are the most produced and consumed materials in China's common milling machine, are overcapacity and oversupply due to the continuous expansion of production capacity. As a result, the price of common welding materials in China is low and low, which is only 50% of the price of similar high-quality welding materials in the world. At home, many domestic users have reported that the quality of common welding materials has been decreasing, while foreign users have reported that although the price of some welding products in China is low, the quality can not reach the standard. Under the overall overcapacity environment, the main problem facing the development of China's welding material industry is that the gas shielded solid core welding and submerged arc welding solid core welding can not meet the market demand in terms of variety and quality, including heat-resistant steel welding, high-strength steel welding, stainless steel welding, atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel welding and low-temperature steel welding.

Because of its high working frequency, the edge milling machine has the advantages of small volume, light weight, energy saving, material saving, fast dynamic response, high efficiency, good welding performance, multi-function, which is conducive to the realization of welding mechanization and automation. From the production and sales situation of inverter welding and cutting equipment in China, the output of inverter welding and cutting equipment grows at a rate of about 20 per year, which is much higher than the growth rate of traditional welding and cutting equipment. The trend of inverter welding and cutting equipment replacing traditional welding and cutting equipment is obvious. Welding automation is the organic integration of advanced welding process, materials, equipment, automatic control system and welding fixture, clamping positioning and motion system to realize high efficiency, high quality and low cost batch welding operation of workpiece, so as to ensure consistent and stable batch output of high-quality products. In the face of the huge amount of welding work and the increasing labor cost of hundreds of millions of tons of steel every year, the pursuit of welding automation and efficient welding will become the main direction of welding innovation in the next step.

The 21st century is the era of rapid development of modern science and technology, and laser technology as one of the most striking in the development of the current era, it is not only used in the modern military field, but also with the increasingly sophisticated laser technology and its own manufacturing process and application technology, it can be widely used in more industries in the future, including the traditional system Manufacturing industry. Due to the traditional welding itself is more dependent on the welding personnel's own work experience and the visual inspection of the welding target, its accuracy often has a certain deviation, it is difficult to achieve high-precision project operation, and laser welding can undoubtedly effectively solve this problem, using laser technology to accurately weld the existing target, thus greatly improving the welding The accuracy and effectiveness of the connection. In the future, with the rapid development of industrial modernization, laser welding technology has a broad application space.

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