Maintenance Manual of milling machine

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Turn off the power supply before all maintenance, maintenance and cleaning of the edge milling machine. Clean the iron chips and stains on the blade before using the automatic edge milling machine to keep the ventilation hole unblocked; clean the cutter shaft, the extension part of the lower pressure ring, the upper pressure ring, the milling blade and the clamping nut of the cutting tool with a rag or brush every time when cleaning and changing the tool after each shift (the compressed air can not be used to clean around the ventilation hole, so as to prevent iron chips and other impurities from entering the gearbox).

Before each use, observe the oil level of the gearbox. When the oil level is lower than the middle line of the oil level indicator, add worm gear oil through the oil filling port until it does not overflow. Under normal conditions, the worm gear oil in the gearbox is renewed every three months, and the oil chamber is cleaned during the renewal. Inject 30% lubricating oil into lubricating oil port every 8 hours to ensure good lubrication of transmission parts. Clean the guide pin groove on the chute, the guide rail surface of the frame and the screw rod every week, and apply 30% lubricating oil. Clean the chute every three months, select a suitable pipe fitting and clamp it with clamping seat. Remove and remove the front panel and gearbox, clean the inner surface of the chute and all surfaces of the box, and then evenly apply 30% lubricating oil to reassemble. When the steel plate milling machine is not used for a long time, the exposed parts without painting shall be coated with antirust oil, and the dry place shall be covered

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