Development of bridge steel structure and other industries

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The research and accumulation work of domestic milling machine manufacturers in welding process is still very limited, so it is difficult to provide mature and reliable welding process support. As a result, domestic products have no competitive advantage with imported products except for price, and most of the high-end market share is still occupied by imported edge milling machines. It is the lack and disconnection of intelligence and welding process service that China's welding equipment is mostly pure machines and equipment, and does not shoulder the responsibility of solving welding problems for welding users. The utility model comprises a machine base, two side plates, a beam and a knife rest. A working table is arranged on the machine base, and a number of hydraulic pressure plate devices are connected at the lower part of the beam. The hydraulic pressure plate device is located above the working table. The tool rest walking car is also provided on the tool rest walking car. The guide rail with the same length and parallel to the working table is arranged on the front of the machine base. The tool rest traveling car is connected with the machine base through the guide rail 。

With the development of construction machinery manufacturing industry, shipbuilding and processing industry, heavy machinery and equipment, bridge steel structure and other industries in recent ten years, the domestic edge milling machine manufacturers have developed in the spring. The total production capacity and sales capacity of 2000 sets in China before have increased to 30000 sets per year. The annual output value of the former industry has grown from 800 million to nearly 10 billion The industry cake has become bigger, but more and more edge milling machine manufacturers have found that the production volume of enterprises has increased, but the profit does not increase much. In addition, the development prospect of the enterprise is not very clear. Many problems have been encountered. The specific problems are summarized as follows: the investment in factories and equipment is increasing, which is mainly reflected in the manufacturing equipment of edge milling machine, such as milling machine motor, welding forming equipment and automatic welding equipment, screw drive mechanism, numerical control operation equipment, pneumatic pressure plate mechanism, The cost of steel structural parts is increasing year by year.

The main drive guide rail is the key part of the milling machine, In actual use, if the maintenance is not proper, the main guide rail is easy to wear and roughen. The guide rail of milling machine is generally cast guide rail, with surface high frequency quenching hardness of about hrc45, and the weight of main traveling mechanism is about 3-4 tons. Long term heavy load travel on the guide rail, the upper and lower guide rails are sliding friction, which causes great damage to the guide rail, causing abnormal wear and roughening of the guide rail 。 While the price of copper and iron rises, the price of electronic devices gradually decreases, which makes the cost advantage of inverter edge milling machine stand out. In order to pursue the market share, most of the enterprises compete with each other, compete in disorder with low price and even sell with negative profit, which will seriously endanger the healthy development of China's welding equipment industry. How to deal with the relationship between cost, profit and market share is a common problem for the whole welding equipment industry.

The edge milling machine adopts the form of sliding guide which is widely used on heavy machine tools, with large contact area, good rigidity and strong seismic resistance. In order to reduce the friction resistance of the guide rail, a large carriage unloading device is added. A load-bearing rolling cylinder is installed between the guide rail and the carriage, which bears most of the gravity of the carriage. In this way, the friction resistance of the guide rail is changed from simple sliding friction to sliding plus rolling, the friction coefficient is greatly reduced, and the friction force is also greatly reduced. Accordingly, the service life of guide rail is improved. In order to improve the wear resistance of the guide rail pair and improve the friction characteristics, the corresponding friction pair is pasted with plastic. Commonly known as plastic rail. The chemical composition of plastic sliding guide is stable and the friction coefficient is small.

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