Future milling force milling machine with full digital control

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The economic types of enterprises in China's electric welding machine industry are mainly private enterprises, joint-stock enterprises, Sino foreign joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises. The total number of enterprises is about 700, and the total annual output value is about 10 billion yuan, of which there are more than 20 enterprises with annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. About one third of the steel products need to be processed by welding. In addition to a few high-end equipment, China can basically provide these welding processing equipment by itself. China has become the largest welding equipment manufacturer and exporter in the world. At present, the production capacity of China's milling machine welding equipment industry is greater than the demand. Although the prices of upstream resources and raw materials are rising, the average sales price of the whole industry is in a downward range, and the average profit of the industry is becoming thinner and thinner. The core competitiveness and large-scale advantages of enterprises have made the living space of small enterprises without independent R & D ability getting smaller and smaller, and the number of enterprises will gradually decrease.

All digital control welding machine has become the mainstream of imported welding machine. The full digital control technology greatly improves the control accuracy of welding machine, the consistency and reliability of welding machine products, and also greatly simplifies the upgrading of control technology. The domestic edge milling machine is still based on analog control technology. Although some manufacturers have also introduced full digital edge milling machines, most of them are at the level of simply replacing analog control, and the role of full digital control has not been brought into play, resulting in low market recognition.

Most of the imported edge milling machines provide the welding expert system in the form of free or optional, which allows the operator to input welding material, thickness, groove form and other welding process conditions to automatically generate welding process. However, the research and accumulation work of domestic edge milling machine manufacturers in welding process is still very limited, and it is difficult to provide mature and reliable welding process support. As a result, domestic products have no competitive advantage with imported products except for price, and most of the high-end market share is still occupied by imported welding machines. It is the lack and disconnection of intelligence and welding process service that China's welding equipment is mostly pure machines and equipment, and does not shoulder the responsibility of solving welding problems for welding users.

At present, the edge milling machine equipment in our country is gradually catching up with and approaching the international level. There are many kinds of milling machine equipment in our country, and the products are complete. The current ranges from 10 to 1250 a, from schoolbag size to large-scale embedded milling machine, from manual operation to intelligent welding robot. IGBT inverter and single-chip microcomputer control technology are widely used in the edge milling machine equipment, and made into a more general controller, but the thyristor welding machine still has a stable market; CO2 welding machine and MIG welding machine use more precise control technology of one pulse and one drop The research and development of digital welding machine has been paid attention to by many scientific research institutes and large enterprises, and has been recognized and welcomed by more manufacturers. The research and development of expert system, intelligent welding machine and welding quality monitoring and tracking system are more in-depth and widely used.

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