Analysis of the reasons for the creeping and vibration of the edge milling machine

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There are many obvious abnormal phenomena in the milling machine, but in some economic CNC systems, there is no alarm. Even if there is an alarm sometimes, the alarm information shows that it is not the alarm of abnormal phenomenon you see. The creeping and vibration of the milling machine is an obvious example. When the milling machine runs at a low speed, the worktable of the CNC milling machine moves forward in a creeping manner; when the milling machine runs at a high speed, there will be vibration.

Because of the bad lubrication, the friction resistance increases when the milling machine table moves. When the motor is driven, the table does not move forward, which makes the ball screw produce elastic deformation and stores the energy of the motor on the deformation. When the motor continues to drive and the elastic force produced by the stored energy is greater than the static friction force, the milling machine table creeps forward and moves in this way again and again, resulting in crawling phenomenon.

Because the vibration frequency is proportional to the speed of the motor, the first thing to do is to check whether there is a fault in the motor, check the surface condition of the carbon brush and commutator, as well as the mechanical vibration, and check the lubrication of the ball bearing. The whole inspection does not need to be disassembled completely, but can be observed by the inspector. The bearing can listen to the sound with ears To check. If there is no problem, check the tachogenerator. The tachogenerator is usually DC.

A closed loop system may also cause system oscillation due to poor parameter setting. However, the best way to eliminate this oscillation is to reduce its magnification, to adjust RV1 and reverse clock direction in the FANUC system. At this time it can be seen that it will become better immediately. However, because of the relatively small range of RV1 regulating potentiometers, sometimes it can not be adjusted, it can only change the short circuited bar. Cut off the feedback resistance and reduce the magnification of the whole regulator.

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