Where is the reliability and economy of the edge milling machine?

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The application of milling machine products includes selection, ordering, acceptance, installation, adjustment, operation, maintenance, repair and transformation of gantry milling machines and complete sets of gantry milling machines used in various industries, so as to ensure the reliability and economy of gantry milling machines in long-term use.

The machine tool products of gantry milling machine should be kept in the warehouse during storage and detention in port. When temporarily stored in the open air, they should be padded and covered to prevent rain and water immersion. The center of gravity on the box surface, rain proof, no upside down, handle with care and other marks shall be complete to ensure that the products arrive at the destination in good condition and safety during transportation.

The milling machine body is horizontally arranged, and the columns and connecting beams on both sides constitute the gantry milling machine. The milling head of gantry milling machine is installed on the beam and column and can move along its guide rail. Generally, the beam can move vertically along the column guide rail, and the working table can move longitudinally along the bed guide rail.

Numerical control technology is the foundation of modern manufacturing technology. Numerical control machine tools replace ordinary machine tools, which makes the manufacturing industry have a fundamental change, and brought huge economic benefits.

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