On milling force milling machine and some related theoretical knowledge

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Welding milling machine, in mechanical production activities, is a more common machine, welding milling machine is also a kind of milling machine, today, we will explain its two processes, for cutting and milling, the specific content is as follows.

1. Cutting

(1) According to the requirements of product specifications, the long and wide sheets are selected first, and then the short and narrow sheets are taken. Then according to the process requirements of the plate, confirm the horizontal, vertical and pattern of the grain, and then cut it after confirmation.

(2) Before cutting, check the equipment used, such as power supply, switch and other parts. The size error should also be adjusted. The length and width should be less than 0.5mm, and the diagonal line should be less than 1mm.

(3) When cutting multi-layer boards, the lines should be followed. If there are dead knots and scratches on the board surface, they should be opened by mistake. After cutting, they should be stacked uniformly and placed on the base plate with finished products protected. When a specification of the plate is completed, make a record, paste product identification, and then proceed to the next process.

2. Edge milling

(1) Adjust the edge milling cutter according to the process requirements, but the height shall not exceed 1 mm. The power supply and switch of the edge milling machine shall be kept normal, and the machine platform shall be kept smooth and smooth.

(2) Before the formal milling, the waste plate should be used for trial milling, and the batch production can be carried out after confirming that it is normal.

(3) The requirements of milling edge are: the plate size should be within the specified range, and the whole edge must be vertical and consistent. The gap between the two milled plates should be less than 0.5mm.

(4) After milling, the plates should be stacked in batches instead of mixing.

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