What work should be done after the main body of the milling machine is installed

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After the main body of gantry milling machine is installed, the cable, oil pipe and gas pipe can be connected. According to the requirements of electrical wiring diagram and gas-liquid pressure pipeline diagram in the attached documents, the cables and pipes to be connected shall be arranged one by one. In connection, attention should be paid to cleaning and cleaning, reliable plugging and sealing. After the cable is installed, the fastening screw must be tightened to ensure that the contact of the connector plug rod is completely reliable. In the connection of oil pipe and gas pipe, it is necessary to prevent foreign matters from entering into the pipeline, which will cause the failure of the whole hydraulic system. Each joint must be tightened. Otherwise, leakage may occur in the test run and the workload of repair will be increased.

Check whether the plug-in of the long-distance milling cabinet is loose due to the loose contact of the plug-in and the long-distance milling machine. When the gantry milling machine is connected with the external power supply, the voltage and phase sequence of the input power supply should be mainly checked. Wrong phase sequence input will make the CNC system alarm immediately, and even damage the electrical components of the machine tool. After connecting the hydraulic pump and cooling pump motor on the gantry mill, it is necessary to judge whether the steering direction is correct. When the phase sequence is not correct, the phase sequence shall be replaced in time. After the hydraulic pump operates normally, turn on the power supply of CNC system.

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