Milling force milling machine has a variety of different structures

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The main shaft, support and driving device of the tripod centrifuge are all installed on the shell of the machine, and the whole host machine is in flexible support. The spindle is designed as a short and thick rigid shaft, which is conducive to reduce the height of the equipment and facilitate operation and maintenance.

The fitting surface of the spindle and the drum is a conical surface, and the torque is transmitted by the friction of the conical surface. Use a large compression nut at the end of the shaft to press the drum against the spindle.

The structure of the suspension support device of the tripod centrifuge should fully ensure that the body has a large swing in the horizontal direction to form a flexible system. The natural vibration frequency of the system should be far lower than that of the rigid spindle, so as to reduce the impact of uneven load on the bearing. The horizontal swing of the drum can make the material with fluidity more evenly distributed in the drum, improve the operation ability of the machine and reduce the vibration of the foundation when the machine is running.

There are many different structural forms of suspension supporting device. The old three legged centrifuge for textile dehydration is suspended on three pillars with three metal links, which is called chain suspension type. Its structure is simple, the system flexibility is good, can be automatically aligned, but poor adjustability, can not adapt to a variety of different shock absorption requirements, now it is very good to use.

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