Reasonable operation method of milling force milling machine

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Edge milling machine is widely used in the production of spiral welded pipe with its remarkable advantages. Compared with the disc shear, the edge milling machine improves the edge processing quality, makes the forming and welding process more stable, reduces the plate consumption and improves the production safety. However, the edge milling process also has its inherent shortcomings. If the control is not good, it will lead to a series of forming and welding defects, such as porosity, slag inclusion, incomplete penetration, burn in, welding deviation, irregular weld bead, etc. The edge milling method of the edge milling machine should be used correctly.

1. Reasonable selection of milling process and parameters

According to the actual situation of production, reasonable selection of milling process. Under the condition of ensuring production, the single edge milling process should be adopted as far as possible, and the type I groove should be selected so as to reduce the edge milling defects and make it easy to process.

Select the appropriate working width, generally choose the milling amount of 8-10 mm. In other words, the milling working width = the narrowest actual plate width - 8mm.

2. Flexible adjustment of milling machine

In specific cases, the edge milling machine can be flexibly adjusted to adapt to different situations. If the working width deviation of steel plate is 1-3 mm, the forming quality will not be affected; when the steel plate edge deviates from the delivery line by 1-3 mm, it can be basically controlled. Therefore, when the steel plate cannot be controlled and will be off milling, it can be controlled by fine-tuning the headstock. Another case is: if the width of some steel coils does not exceed the standard, the milling amount of the blade can be reduced and the service life can be prolonged by adjusting the working width of the edge milling machine.

3. Standard use and blade replacement

The edge milling machine must be lubricated and maintained regularly to ensure the integrity and stability of the equipment.

The coated blade with good wear resistance and heat dissipation performance must be selected and replaced timely and regularly. It should be noted that the milling cutter head pursues the overall effect. If only part of the blades are replaced, it will cause "metal wire" defects and increase the working strength of other blades. Therefore, all the cutters must be replaced.

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