How to process U-groove by milling machine

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Butt joint: butt joint is the most widely used and perfect joint form among various welding structures. For example, the longitudinal and circumferential welds of boiler drum are butt joints. In general, V-shaped groove is used in manual arc welding and automatic welding for welding parts less than 6 mm and 14 mm respectively. The V-groove processing is convenient, but the workpiece is easy to deform after welding. The thickness of steel plate is 12-60 When mm, X-shaped groove can be used, which is better than V-shaped groove. Under the same thickness, it can reduce the amount of welding metal by about 1 / 2. In addition, due to the symmetry of weld joint and small deformation of weldment, it is mainly used in structures with large thickness and small deformation; U-shaped and double-u-shaped groove have less welding metal amount and less welding deformation, but the groove processing is more complex and generally only important For example, this form is often used for girth welding of boiler drum in power plant. In the manufacturing of industrial boilers, due to the limitation of processing conditions, V-shaped groove and asymmetric X-shaped groove are generally used. For small diameter drum, when the inner side is inconvenient to use automatic welding, V-shaped groove is often used.

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